Saturday, December 8, 2012

Product review: Būmi

A couple months ago John (the husband) and I were picking a few things up at Wylie Wagg when we decided to look at the toys. We were frustrated because Penny tends to be a chewer and professional de-stuffer, which means that everything we bring home for her to play with lasts about 20 minutes. A sales associate directed us to West Paw Design's Būmi, which is described as "the interactive toy that your dog won't want to put down! Būmi(tm) is the active dog's dream come true, charged with energetic fun! Būmi is so much more than a tug toy - pull, flex, throw, float, and repeat! Guaranteed to last, even against 'destructive dogs'!"

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Skeptical, I brought it home for Penny since the manufacturer promises to replace the Būmi if it is destroyed. To tell you the truth, I wasn't even sure if Penny would be into playing with it because to my human eyes, it looks like a boring toy. What little I knew! As soon as I took the toy out of the bag, Penny abandoned whatever she was doing and practically tore it out of my hands. She chewed on it for a while before moving onto something else, and there were no dents or other damage left behind. Two months later, the Būmi is still living up to its indestructible claim, still quite intact and gnawed on endlessly by Penny. It's seriously one of her favorite toys.

It lives up to its other claims, too. It's a great toy to play fetch with, and even floated the one time we threw it into her puppy pool (Penny did not follow, but that is another story for another time). It's super easy to wash, and is good for tug o' war sessions. Overall, we can't recommend this silly little S toy enough!

We're looking into buying more toys from West Paw Designs like the Hurley and the Zisc. Once Penny grows into her joints more, we're looking forward to doing some frisbee training, and the Zisc looks like a great training tool.

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